Let it Go!…because A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends….

Rule #1 of Blogmanship: Be consistent.

What can we say? We’re rule breakers.

Really, it’s be a hell of a few weeks. Between ice apocalypses, catching the plague, and nannying for a few weeks, the longest thing I wrote were the details of how a customer wanted their grass-fed burger cooked.

The great news is that the FABULOUS blog designer is going to vamp this baby up and big changes are coming to make us a real life site! It’s going to be amazing and you will want to share with everyone else. Really, it’s going to be gorgeous.

To recap, here a synopsis of the past few weeks:




Yeah, what of it?!

it wasn’t until I posted those two gifs did I realize that I have apparently been on a Kristin Bell kick for a few weeks…anddd it wasn’t until I typed that sentence did I realize that was even possible.

Anyway, Frozen is as catchy as the buzz claims it is and of all the movies a 7-year-old could want to watch on repeat, it’s certainly the lesser of evils. Veronica Mars needs to make a comeback, and more than just a straight to instant stream Kickstarter movie comeback. The amount of Neptune cameos makes for a hell of a drinking game. (A quick Google search leads me to find I’m not the first to think so.)

So, hang in there, and thanks for all the recent followers in light of our long hiatus! Big thangs a’comin…


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