Let it Go!…because A Long Time Ago, We Used to be Friends….

Rule #1 of Blogmanship: Be consistent. What can we say? We’re rule breakers. Really, it’s be a hell of a few weeks. Between ice apocalypses, catching the plague, and nannying for a few weeks, the longest thing I wrote were the details of how a customer wanted their grass-fed burger cooked. The great news is […]

no wifi, no safety.

dogsitting tends to put quite the hamper on my internet accessibility. …well, scratch that. forgetting to text the family for their wifi password and leaving my laptop at home actually does that. i finally got online, though! but not after being nearly abducted first. i watch this family’s house probably every other month and never […]

Happy New Year with our Archangel Antonio

They say the way you spend your New Years Eve is the way you spend the rest of your year. Nearly two full months later, I’m starting to consider the truth in that…. Traveling is all about discovery. In Denver, we discovered bad drivers every where, all you can eat chicken wings, and people cradling […]

I Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before, Except that I Haven’t

Don’t you hate it when you hook up with two brothers and find yourself sitting between them on a couch in their mom’s house in a city you’re visiting for the first time? Yeah – the worst. Here I am, trying to do something with my life. I studied, I slaved, I spent a lot […]

Snowpocoloypse 2014: A Film Review

My favorite thing about snow in the South is the free pass to sit on my ass and watch TV. It’s the one time that excessive binge watching loses the earmark of laziness and lack of ambition. Not that it ever made a difference for me, but…. anyway. Genetically, Southerners are unable to drive in […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is literally THE BEST. IDGAF if you’re single, in a relationship, or try’na get hitched. If anyone comes at you with that “It’s all just corporate, Hallmark marketing BS” BS, shove a chocolate heart in their face and tell them to STFU and stop complaining about candy. There’s several things I’m looking forward […]

Welcome. We’re Under Construction

Welcome! We have a lot of work to do, but we wanted to get the gears rolling. Our blog is under professional design as we crank some posts and write some info about ourselves. This is a lifestyle blog, all about the style of living… We eat, travel, and embarrass ourselves. We hope you can […]